Every once in a while there's an enigma and you simply just have to throw your hands up in the air and surrender.

Last week when my friend and business partner Scott shared with me this high converting opportunity letter, I didn't believe him - he showed me 'his' results.

I thought my e-mail list was 'dead' - I mean - people were reading my e-mails but weren't clicking on anything.

I thought all my emails were going to spam folder and nobody cared.

I thought that my 'sensible' and valuable content about SEO and marketing strategy was fantastic - why wouldn't everyone read it?

I had people calling me and saying - yeah - I have a whole file of your emails and i'll get around to them "when I have the time."

Feeling frustrated and almost ready to give up on email marketing completely and switching my focus to 100% twitter (since that's where I get most of my responsiveness now), yesterday I finally tried my friend Scott's letter to my 'dead' list.

Where did this magical opportunity letter come from?

Scott got this letter from another marketer - who got it from another marketer.

It's the most coveted letter I know of and I'm going to be sharing it with my online marketing team in our back-office later today and will be breaking down the psychology of the letter and WHY it works in a private hangout.

Keep in mind, I didn't think it would actually work and I thought my list was dead. I was flat-out wrong.

Look at this:


How do you get on my marketing team?  First of all you apply and then we decide if we want to accept you.  That's also the 'secret' of this sales letter.

You see while everyone else is saying 'click here to check out my fantastic offer' - that' doesn't convert.

What converts is the concept of Acceptance into something greater.

I didn't believe it until I saw the numbers.

Now, I'm a believer.

Are you?

Click here to Accept the Challenge of applying to be be a Top Producer

p.s.  I'll post the letter in the members-area - you'll need to have the Top Producer formula or Inner Circle membership to view


Check out the video above and then download this free report where we put this into practice


Here are the highlights from Today's Affiliate Team training on the topic of getting 60% open rates and how you can model those results for your own business.

If you'd like to see the full version of this hangout - please sign up here to become an affiliate or here to get an early-access pass to the Top Producer live event this weekend (only $17) - I'm giving my bonus training of this and more trainings to everyone who registers for this event.

Click here to Register for the Event


Dear Friends - the Twitter page for one of our products, Search Triggers is taking off. As you can see from the screenshot above, 43 new BUSINESS owners are following us - this is NOT paid traffic - its NOT the 'get 10,000 followers for $5' type stuff - these are A-list companies who are finding us on Twitter.

Until I started this method I had like almost 0 impressions on Twitter. I've been testing it sporadically as you can see - I don't tweet every day - but when I do I reach on average 1400 new prospects per day with my message.  I think I can do better still.

I'm going to be showing 'my team' how I do what I do live and helping you do the same with your business - the catch?  You'll have to make a $17 investment in a new product we're releasing on Friday.  It's not fiverr - its a 'seven' - and the $17 is a ticket price to a live online event that will be happening later this month. I'll have more details.


So if you want to get on the early bird list get my free ebook - Video Blog Sensation - as I'm only sharing this with my subscribers.

(if you're already on my team then please log into your back-office for a special video I made for you and more links - you'll be able to get a head start on the launch)

If you aren't yet on my launch list here's the link to download a free e-book and get on the launch list



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