It all started with a single 'tweet': Btw Pink Floyd album out in October that was sent two days ago by David Gilmour's wife, Polly Samson .  This little 'tweet' started a torrent of articles from every news agency in the world.

The next day Pink Floyd Confirmed there will be a new album.

It is called 'The Endless River'

The release date?  October.

Where did they come up with that name?  If you've listened to their last album, The Division Bell, the second to last line in the last song on the album called High Hopes goes like this:

The grass was greener
The light was brighter
The taste was sweeter
The nights of wonder
With friends surrounded
The dawn mist glowing
The water flowing
>>> The endless river <<<
Forever and ever


So the very last line of their last album 20 years ago was 'Forever and Ever' - and so one of the greatest rock bands of all times stopped its recording career until this year.   Marking the 20th anniversary of the Division Bell this July 1st Pink Floyd Released the Anniversary Edition Boxed Set  

As we eagerly await the new release,  here's what I'm going to do: buy the remastered VINYL edition - if you prefer CD you can get it here. Then do a lot of marketing to save up to buy tickets to the 2015 concert.

How did this blog post come to be?

Today I did a special google hangout for a few close friends where I showed people how I wrote this blog post and posted my hangout on Google+

I wrote the post at 6:08PM

and in one hour I was already #2 on Google+ on the subject:

would you like to know how I did that?  That's what Search Triggers is all about. 



Today I'd like to share with you a blog post I wrote on our company blog about Jack Canfield The Success Principles and the story, that happened which is inspiring.

But before I get to the story, I wanted to explain to you a bit about the screenshot above and how this blog came to be. Here's the blog post if you'd like to see it yourself.

First of all, the screenshot from the blog above is a responsive 'mobile' blog in WordPress. The blog I'm writing this post on is a custom designed marketing videoblog technology. 99% of our blog posts our WordPress blog are from news feeds that we as a company follow or 'feed' into the blog and republish under our brand. This post, however was crafted to illustrate and 'teach' you something about the layout of the blog itself.

What is the benefit to you from understanding this? Use this as a model for your own blog posts. A blog doesn't need to have a lot of words. You can see here that our objective is simply to give people the answer to their inquiry which is The Success Principles PDF - a workbook you can download and go thru yourself that will help you set your business goals in a very fun and creative manner.

So let's talk about the right sidebar. This is our Search Triggers Wordpress Widget - you can see I just typed in 'Jack Canfield' and it went out and told me what topics around Jack were 'trending'.  You can clearly see that "Jack Canfield The Success Principles" has been given a 'green light' and is trending (read from bottom to top).

What does that mean?  It means that if I was to write a blog post about Jack Canfield (which this is) I'd have too many other writers, news agencies, magazines etc. to compete with - BUT - there is a niche "Success Principles" that is less competitive - that a statistically significant group of people are searching for every day. That's what Search Triggers tells you: who is looking for what around your topic of interest.


So now to the story. A friend of mine was struggling to make ends meet when he quit building houses and instead travelled the world to work on his book.  When we go through a life change like that, its helpful to have a 'plan'. He came to me in a moment of need, and I asked my mentor John for advice in his current situation.  John suggested he read chapter one of Success Principles, which is about taking 100% responsibility for the conditions of your life.

I thought to myself:  'this would make a great blog post' - and so I wrote a quick post on Father's day after reading Chapter 1 myself (which you can read for free).  Using my software Search Triggers, I discovered that there were a statistically significant number of people searching for the Success Principles PDF and I found it right there in Google on Jack's website - so I wrote the post - shared it and today I'm writing this post (the story).

If you're thinking about any kind of business, you simply must check out the Success Principles. You're probably read "Think and Grow Rich" several times. So why am I saying this is any different?

Success Principles is the Think and Grow Rich of 2014. It fills in the missing principles that allow you to cause the changes you seek in your life and business.  So, take 100% responsibility for the conditions in your life and read Chapter 1 of the Success Principles - here's my blog post - check out the PDF and check out the book itself on Amazon - you can read the entire first chapter for free.

Something I learned from this is summarized in one statement:

"You can't hire someone else
to do your push ups for you."

Sure, you can outsource a lot of your workload but some things you simply need to do yourself. What I'm going to be covering in my blog over the next few months is how to streamline what you DO for your own business and what you OUTSOURCE. What I've learned is you can't outsource your blog or your social media. That's your personal voice to your customers and clients.  You can OUTSOURCE the strategy and the SCALING of your blogging and social media and OPTIMIZE it with TECHNOLOGY. If that appeals to you then get on our early bird list at Search Triggers.

My latest sales video....


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Did you ever wonder when people watch videos the most on YouTube?

Here's your answer. The above screenshot is my own ISP (ATT) and from the graph you can see that at 9PM is when the most people are watching HD Streams - all streams in fact.

So before you plan your next big 'Google Hangout' keep in mind the bandwidth of YouTube will be dependent on this graph.

Why is this important to you?

Well, it may not have happened to you (yet), but it has happened to clients, friends and associates that their Google Hangouts get interrupted - or simply aren't being seen in different parts of the world. Chances are this graph applies to EVERY time zone on the planet.


9PM is the biggest drain of YouTube's resources so don't plan your live event then.

6PM which is the most popular Hangout time is still very busy.

If you do your hangouts instead between 9AM-2PM you'll have plenty of bandwidth and clear signals.

Nicholas Negroponte who used to be the inside back-cover columnist for Wired magazine once said something like this:

Live streaming isn't really that practical, on-demand info-tainment is. With the Internet we can view a video anytime we want to - it doesn't have to be live. So let me ask you a question?  Why are we, as a culture, so obsessed with Live Events and live streaming? Does anyone know?


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