I just had an interesting chat with the support person at Bing Ads (did you know that you can actually get support - like in real time - even on Easter Sunday) - so here's the story:

I'm running a campaign for one of my clients who has a wedding business and we're using Search Triggers to currently target 1,323 (that's a LOT of keywords) and I learned a few things I will share with you:

TIP #1  Go BROAD for the first 1-2 weeks. Yep. Blow a good chunk of change right up front - bid high and test to see which ads pull the best. Do this for 1-2 weeks and set your calendar so you don't burn your entire budget on the 'test phase'.

TIP #2  I learned this today (why I'm writing this post): "you set a different bid for search and content bid. If a particular keyword is for content network it will follow the bid for content bid. and if the keyword is set for search network, then it will follow the bid for the search."

This was a real nugget - in the AD GROUPS split them up.  Have one AD GROUP ONLY TARGET CONTENT -i.e.  other people's blogs and websites that are in your niche.

Then create a separate AD GROUP - for search. Don't mix the two.  By default it tries to put you in 'Search AND Content' - don't do this. Best practices are to keep two separate AD GROUPS. Wow - big tip!

TIP #3: Use Adsense keyword planner to determine traffic values. Save those and export the file.  This sets your expectations so you know how many people are using search engines for your topic.  For Weddings, we found that CONTENT sites are better than search engine ads.

TIP #4: Use Search Triggers AFTER you've got your ads running normally (i.e. accept whatever the support staff suggests) to LOWER your ad cost and flood your niche.  We jumped the gun here. With 'BROAD' match you can simply use a word like 'weddings' and target a 100 mile radius of your venue - no need to go 'niche'.  But it will cost you a LOT.  The 'missing link' was that you must PROVE your ad conversion rate otherwise they simply will show someone else's ad (who keeps paying the high ticket $2-5 per click price).

So you can go NICHE from the start, but you won't get many impressions. But if you are willing to 'blow' some money to prove your ads effectiveness you can always lower your bid value until you reach your target budget.

PLUS - you'll learn a lot from actually doing it!

Let me explain.  Initially you'll be paying over a dollar per click while you're getting started. If you do this same strategy for Adsense, expect to pay at least $2 per click.  KNOW YOUR NUMBERS and be careful.

Just for fun, I saved our top 'suggested bid' was around $22 per click - yep Weddings are VERY competitive.

So what have you learned from this post?  Maybe it makes sense to learn how to target your ads - or just hire a professional to do it for you. If you need help (serious inquiries only) please call my assistant at 707-773-7727 or fill out this form

OK - so what about Adsense?  I use adsense only for testing keywords. The bid values are way too high for most campaigns initially.   Bing Ads are a great way to get started on the exciting world of pay per click advertising.

To learn more about how we do what we do - please fill in your name and email address at Search Triggers and get started with our free keyword research tool.

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Dear Friend - I just received this email from my publisher:

WOW! What an incredible book launch!  
Congratulations and thank you so much for your fabulous contribution!

  • Your book went #1 Bestseller in 3 Amazon Categories in the USA!
  • Your book went #1 Bestseller in 3 Amazon Categories in Canada!
  • Your book went #3 Bestseller in 1 Amazon Category in the UK!
  • Your book achieved Amazon's #1 Hottest New Release in 2 Categories!
  • Your book achieved Amazon's #3 Top Rated in 1 Category!
  • Your interview and bestseller status will be announced to the world on the web and social media (You will be notified when you are showcased.)
  • Your book and acknowledgement of your contribution will be featured in April Published! Magazine

Here is an excerpt from my chapter in the above book:

I: What do you see from the perspective of the trends in technology?

VG: This is very exciting to be here with the new technology that we were dreaming about back in the 1990s. Back then, I was interviewing many of today’s personal growth leaders like Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield, who were on my show at MSN, but we didn’t have video. What’s so powerful is today we have the capability of connecting eyeball to eyeball through video; and this video is actually being done as part of a new thing we’re working on with Google Hangouts to actually bring the production quality way, way up. Not only are we doing this live, we’re also doing this with broadcast quality, filming a whole new generation of Hangouts, and bringing this technology to the stages of the world through HangoutsOnStage.com.

The book series that Expert Insights Publishing has created is also carving out the trajectory for the next generation of publishing. We’ve gone from the book, and now we’re moving into the real-time interviews. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen talked about how they went to New York City and started the Chicken Soup book tour from the East Coast driving across America. We can now reach out to the whole world instantaneously with YouTube and Google Hangouts and who knows what’s coming next.

VG: In the 1990s, we had the Internet revolution. We are now just on the cusp here in 2014 of the mobile revolution, and my company Earthgrid has a new technology called Search Triggers that helps you figure out what’s trending in the media both on Bing and Google, so you can discover exactly how to position yourself in the Internet marketplace quickly, easily and immediately.

We see a revolution happening in mobile technology with Twitter, Facebook, and now Google+. A lot of Google’s emphasis right now is on Google+ and Google+ Hangouts woven in YouTube. It’s kind of funny – my father is in his 70s right now, and he went out and bought a 10 inch tablet for a little over $100. That’s just mind boggling. That tablet has more computing power than the desktops of 10 years ago. It fits nicely in the breast pocket of your coat. You can always be connected. You can always be taking notes. You can always be shooting video, and uploading it in real time to your fans and family.

Here's a video clip from the interview where I talk more about Search Triggers

Read the Rest of the Interview in my on Amazon Kindle or Paperback


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Hey Guys - here's a quick video my team put together at the recent Bing Ads Accredited Professional Program in San Francisco - Bing Ads Connect Event. Lookin' good! Thanks Vince - your camera work, editing and production are A+

So why should you consider Bing Ads? Why am I using Bing Ads? One word: value. With Bing Ads we can target ads that reach our audience at a fraction of the competition. This means more ROI for your business with the same investment. To get started let's discuss your ad budget and where you're currently investing your ad spend. If you're looking for a better ROI give our alliances manager Carol a call at 707-773-7727 and schedule a free consultation to review your advertising campaign.



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