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Here are the highlights from Today's Affiliate Team training on the topic of getting 60% open rates and how you can model those results for your own business.

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Dear Friends - the Twitter page for one of our products, Search Triggers is taking off. As you can see from the screenshot above, 43 new BUSINESS owners are following us - this is NOT paid traffic - its NOT the 'get 10,000 followers for $5' type stuff - these are A-list companies who are finding us on Twitter.

Until I started this method I had like almost 0 impressions on Twitter. I've been testing it sporadically as you can see - I don't tweet every day - but when I do I reach on average 1400 new prospects per day with my message.  I think I can do better still.

I'm going to be showing 'my team' how I do what I do live and helping you do the same with your business - the catch?  You'll have to make a $17 investment in a new product we're releasing on Friday.  It's not fiverr - its a 'seven' - and the $17 is a ticket price to a live online event that will be happening later this month. I'll have more details.


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It all started with a single 'tweet': Btw Pink Floyd album out in October that was sent two days ago by David Gilmour's wife, Polly Samson .  This little 'tweet' started a torrent of articles from every news agency in the world.

The next day Pink Floyd Confirmed there will be a new album.

It is called 'The Endless River'

The release date?  October.

Where did they come up with that name?  If you've listened to their last album, The Division Bell, the second to last line in the last song on the album called High Hopes goes like this:

The grass was greener
The light was brighter
The taste was sweeter
The nights of wonder
With friends surrounded
The dawn mist glowing
The water flowing
>>> The endless river <<<
Forever and ever


So the very last line of their last album 20 years ago was 'Forever and Ever' - and so one of the greatest rock bands of all times stopped its recording career until this year.   Marking the 20th anniversary of the Division Bell this July 1st Pink Floyd Released the Anniversary Edition Boxed Set  

As we eagerly await the new release,  here's what I'm going to do: buy the remastered VINYL edition - if you prefer CD you can get it here. Then do a lot of marketing to save up to buy tickets to the 2015 concert.

How did this blog post come to be?

Today I did a special google hangout for a few close friends where I showed people how I wrote this blog post and posted my hangout on Google+

I wrote the post at 6:08PM

and in one hour I was already #2 on Google+ on the subject:

would you like to know how I did that?  That's what Search Triggers is all about. 


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